USB Insert-Cup Warmer GH-CUPA Series

USB Insert-Cup Warmer
Always have warm coffee in your office!

Available for standard insert-cups
Keep warm temperature 50℃~60℃
Detachable stand type (with magnet) : Cables do not get in the way when drinking
With USB-AC charger (optional), it can be connected to power outlet.
Safety design : heating stops at 65℃ automatically


International Certification Criteria: GREEN HOUSE has various international certification standards: “ISO 14001”, “ISO 27001”, and “ISO 9001”.
We deliver safe and high quality products.

Color P/N / JAN Code
Ivory GH-CUPA-IV / 4511677109324
Red GH-CUPA-RD / 4511677109331
Blue GH-CUPA-BL / 4511677109348
Green GH-CUPA-GR / 4511677109355

Product Release: Early Dec. 2011




Always have warm coffee in your office

Insert-cups are used in office widely because they’re disposable and hard to spill, compared with paper cup.
However, coffee inside insert-cup is easier to cool down than mug.
Now, GREEN HOUSE developed the USB Insert-Cup Warmer.
You can enjoy warm coffee with it.


Available for standard insert-cups.

Put an insert-cup into the warmer and put silicon cap on the cup.
Once you put it on the stand, it’s automatically kept warm.


Keep good temperature to drink (at 50℃~60℃)
We designed the product fit for standard insert-cup sold by major office-coffee manufacturers and in 100YEN shops.
*Insert-cup whose diameter 79~81mm and height 75~80mm can be used.

Separated Type

When drinking, you can remove the cup from a base part.
The base part has magnet on top and bottom so that it holds the cup firmly.

Keep Warm by USB

USB charge type: you can put it on your desk.
The product’s power is from PC’s USB port. So, you can use it on your desk.


With USB-AC charger (optional), it can be connected to power outlet.

With USB-AC charger (optional), it can be connected to power outlet even no USB ports available.
*Please use USB-AC charger which has 2.0A or more output.

Safety Design

Safety design : heating stops at 65℃ automatically
Safety circuit is implemented to avoid over-heat.

How to Use

How to use
1. Pour coffer into a cup.
2. Put the cup on the base part and put a cover on the cup.
3. You can cleanse the cover by water.

Touch & Try

People from two companies tries the product.

NHN techorus Corp. Frontier Co. Ltd.