General product notes

  1. Company names and product names that are listed are trademarks and registered trademarks of each companies.
  2. Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements etc.
  3. The colors of products in photos may look different from the actual colors.
  4. The prices stated in this site are the manufacturer suggested retail prices and the consumption tax is not included. For the prices in the GREEN HOUSE STORE, the “unit prices” do not include consumption tax, and the “tax included” means the sales price including consumption tax.
  5. This products are manufactured and sold exclusively for Japan. We can not guarantee when using outside Japan.
  6. Products stated on this site may fall under export regulated products such as strategic goods etc. according to the “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law”. In case of export regulated products, export permission of the Japanese government is required when exporting to outside of Japan.
  7. The products handled by the Company shall not be assumed to be used as equipment related to human life, such as medical equipment, nuclear equipment, aerospace equipment, transportation equipment, and equipment requiring high reliability. We are not responsible for any injury, fire accident, social damage or the like caused by breakdown of this product, used in these equipments, and control system etc. Please pay close attention to safety design on your equipments and systems such as redundant design, fire spreading design, malfunction prevention design etc.