Vision & Mission

Corporate philosophy
Continue the challenge for your “smile” and “happiness”


Corporate logo

We emphasize by putting a color point on GH which is the initial letter of GREEN HOUSE.
First of all, “G” includes gain, gentle, genuine, good and gracious, “H” is for human, harmony, Heart, heal and etc. We are accentuating that concerning all of the people as the center of our vision as company.
In addition, the meaning of our company name “GREEN HOUSE”included a green house, and we also wish to “build an environment which makes life easier for people and living things”.
“GH” has been used for many years as an abbreviation for our model number.


Inner slogan
All products make people moved and surprised.
Making products that make you happy to use.

Intention: Oh, I want this. It’s cute. Continually produce products that touch people’s affection. We will continue from now on.