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GREEN HOUSE is developing and operating an environmental management system in all business activities of providing products and services. In corporate activities focused on customers and markets, we also emphasize the preservation of the global environment, and are working on environmental impacts that are latent in air pollution, waste, drainage, products, etc., and we strive to conserve the global environment on a daily basis.

As part of that, GREEN HOUSE has obtained ISO14001 certification.

*Takamatsu / Hiroshima / Sendai / Taipei offices are not included.

To low-carbon society through distribution of eco products.
“Fan to Share” declaration.

“Fan to Share” is a slogan that means “Let’s share a new wisdom with everyone happily and make a low-carbon society”.

GREEN HOUSE is promoting environmental activities with all of you as a member of companies that agree to “Fun to Share”. Let’s share wisdom with everyone and have fun and realize a low-carbon society!