This product is certified for radio transmission in Japan only.

For usage outside Japan, frequency customization and certification may be required.

Please contact us for the details.

Why we are chosen

A strong connectivity

Our RF sustains connectivity in the low radio environment, even under obstacles and long distance.

We tested our modules and other company products under the same -98 to -100dBm environment,

and our module showed the lowest error rate with strongest connectivity.

Minimum size

Our compact module can be used inside small devices and has contributed to expanding the wireless market.

We are one of the first companies to release the 10mm class wireless modules and sell them widely.

We continue to pioneer the new market with technology and knowledge.

Easy to develop

You can make the wired serial communication wireless by simply replacing the wire with our modules.

Buy our SDK and you are free to see and customize our source code.

You can start the network application with wires and make it wireless later for easy development.

Technical support

All hardware and software are developed in-house, so we are quick to answer your technical questions.

The other venders who sell overseas-developed products are often slow,

because they must ask the original manufacturer overseas.

Since all development is done in-house, we can quickly answer your questions and customize demands.


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