The Armadillo-IoT add-on board for Softbank 3G GH-PNM-SB3GA

This product is certified for radio transmission in Japan only.
For usage outside Japan, frequency customization and certification may be required.
Please contact us for the details.


International Certification Criteria: GREEN HOUSE has various international certification standards: “ISO 14001”, “ISO 27001”, and “ISO 9001”.
We deliver safe and high quality products.




RF Specs
Max Tx Power Approx. 20mW
Supported RF Proprietary / IEEE802.15.4g compliant
Modulation GFSK under development
Number of Channels  
Power Consumption Tx : 28mA
Rx : 10.5mA
Standby : below 1uA
Transfer Speed  
Communication Distance Approx. 100Km (line-of-sight distance)


Processor Specs

Core Processor  
External I/F Up to 21 pins depending on the pin setting
Operating Temperature  
Storage Temperature  


External Specs

Weight Approx. 2.4g
External Dimensions  
Module Connector 13 pins header (1.27 pitch) x 2



Environment RoHS Compliant
Security AES128 Supported
Network Protocol Multi-hop Communication Supported
Radio Certification TELEC Certified