Top Manufacturer of Electronic Devices &
Digital Novelty Products

GREEN HOUSE is an electronic equipment manfacturer, celebrating the 26th term of foundation in 1991.

Starting with the memory module for Apple Mac,
GREEN HOUSE has been expanding its business such as PC peripherals,smartphone peripherals, audio & visual products, and kitchen appliances,i.e. soda machines and beer servers. We are continuing to respond to the needs of various customers.

※ Total shipping quantity has exceeded 100 million units,and it still continues to grow its quantity





Three “ISO Standards” Acquisition

GREEN HOUSE pursues quality and cost performance for all products under the management system based on the international standard ISO management standards.
Our management standards are established for three fields, including information security (ISO 27001), quality (ISO 9001), and environment (ISO 14001), which is exceptional in the manufacturing industry.

In ISO 9001, maintaining and improving the quality of products and the quality of operations, ISO 14001 extracts remarkable environmental aspects, making more environmentally friendly manufacturing and initiatives, ISO 27001 improving security such as information leak prevention, every day from ISO It is done by repeating the basic stance “Plan · Do · Check · Action”.

ISO’s management standards are the foundation of all our product development, and we provide customers with peace of mind.

ISO 9001:2014 / ISO 27001:2012/ ISO 14001:2005





One-Stop Solution from Proposal to Delivery/Support

GREEN HOUSE products are conducted in one-stop. That means all processes from product planning and development to delivery and support are done in house.
The design by our product designer in the company, the check system by our technical staff, the collaboration system with the overseas bases under the control of the Taiwan branch office, and the ” triple acquisition of the ISO management standards” ensure the quality of all products handled by the company.
Products are managed in a systemized logistics warehouse and reach customers through a rich sales channels.
GREEN HOUSE thinks “safety” and “security” are also important keywords. Even if problems arise, we will follow up carefully at the special support window.





Abundant knowledge and know-how

Since its founding, GREEN HOUSE has established a system that can realize any kind of demand / product by diversifying products development related to various fields such as semiconductors, panels, batteries, networks, and wireless. It is possible to deal with various know-how as well as abundant product countries that we currently sell by our know-how and network.

Whatever your request, as a comprehensive manufacturer of digital equipment, we will support our customers by making full use of the know-how and achievements GREEN HOUSE has cultivated so far.